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Hello, Welcome To Shandong Steel Construction Tech Co. LTD.
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  Shandong Steel Construction Tech Co., Ltd. is affiliated to the sales design department under the Steel group of Shandong. The Group is situated in Weifang city, which is in the developed shandong peninsula and enjoys an advantaged geographical location and convenient transportation, with national and provincial highways running through.  It is a company engaged in the research and development and production of light steel structure housing. It is mainly engaged in active board house, container house, light steel villa, fence fence, and the sale of steel structure products. Sale and design. 

   Over the years, The company has built a professional house design team, The company takes "prefabrication, environmental protection, energy saving, comfort, quality and service" as the core value. We committed to being your trusted partner, rely on global supply chain to provide you one stop service.


山東斯蒂奧建筑科技有限公司  All RIGHTS RESERVED 備案號:魯ICP備17017582號-1

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